Automotive Dealerships

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When looking for Full Circle IT Solutions, the answer is CyberTech 360

Auto Dealers are under constant attack by Cybercriminals because of the large quantities of customer data stored on dealership management systems, and the hefty sums involved. In 2020, dealerships are experiencing on average, 180 viruses and 94 malicious spam emails intercepted daily.

Social Engineering

The majority of cyberattacks on dealerships involve social engineering, which is the use of deception to manipulate employees to something they should not!!

Digital Kidnapping involves the use of ransomware. For example, an employee opens a Phishing email launches a ransomware attack and can cripple the Network systems for interconnected dealerships. Ransome demands up to $500,000 are very common to restore the dealerships’ IT systems.

Supply Chain

Dealerships often have 20 or more vendors accessing their systems, which makes them vulnerable to back-door attacks. Vendors are highly targeted by ransomware because hackers realize interrupting the interconnected relationships between vendors and customers will cause the most pressure; and likely lead to fast payment.


1. Have a written information security plan (WISP)

2. Require Multi-factor verification before funds are wired or transferred

3. Encrypt and back-up data to the Cloud

4. Modernize your IT infrastructure, and update software and hardware regularly.

5. Implement IT best practices for cybersecurity, have an Incident Response Plan

6. Do not allow employees’ or customers’ personal devices on the Primary Network

7. Purchase cyber liability and data breach insurance