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Creating a Business Continuity Plan with CyberTech360

A data breach or other emergency can certainly draw your daily activities to a screeching halt, not to mention placing you and your clients’ important information at risk. But having a business continuity plan in place will enable you to recover quickly and ensure no data is compromised. At CyberTech360, we offer business solutions designed to keep your company running even after a critical infrastructure breakdown or natural disaster.

We do so by implementing key processes, policies, and procedures designed specifically for such nightmare scenarios, providing you with the right recovery tools and technology to keep you up and running.

What is a Complete Business Continuity Plan?

A comprehensive business continuity plan provides you with a backup plan should you suffer any disaster, such as cybersecurity attacks and breaches due to ransomware, natural disasters, hardware or software failures, or other issues due to human error. Having the right cybersecurity team at your disposal will often help you avoid such scenarios altogether but having the right continuity plan is essential as a “worst-case scenario” option.

What Should You Look for in a Business Continuity Blueprint?

There are several components you should look for when discussing business continuity solutions with your cybersecurity provider. Some of the things that will help ensure all of your company’s data is secure include:

Image-Based Backup: This solution captures images of all your data and files instead of simply copying them, providing an added layer of protection should there be a breach or failure.

Hybrid Cloud Backup: By combining local backup solutions as well as cloud services, you decrease the likelihood of any data being lost in an emergency by having more than one reliable backup system.

Let CyberTech360 help implement your business continuity plan today!

If you want to make certain your company has all of the necessary disaster recovery and backup solutions in place to make it through any emergency, contact CyberTech360. In addition to our business cybersecurity solutions, we also offer ID checks, training, and more.

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