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Remote Desktop Solution

Now business professionals can enjoy a truly interactive and intuitive experience with superior remote application and desktop access.

Use your existing applications on a mobile device without retraining or reengineering applications; capable of delivering remote application and desktop access 3D graphics, HD video, and other applications.

Business owners - ensure company data is protected while keeping mobile employees productive. Field/sales reps - access the company’s internal systems or view the latest sales presentations and training materials.

Managers - ensure teams remain productive when away from their desks.

Professionals who need to view or transfer files on company computers without VPN access, in industries including accounting, banking, dental, energy, insurance, legal, medical, research, retail, and science.

Fast, simple, secure remote desktop access for business professionals. Increase productivity with smooth, secure access to all your company’s applications, files and data. Access all your processor intensive desktop applications anywhere, anytime, from any device.