Why Your Business Needs Identity Theft Protection

Blog / May 27, 2020

Now more than ever identity theft is becoming a major issue. Millions and millions of individuals each year are the victim of identity theft, and almost a quarter of those victims are never reimbursed for the financial losses they suffered due to their identity being stolen. Aside from the monetary loss, such important and personal […]

Benefits of Secure Managed Remote Access Services

Blog / May 17, 2020

At CyberTech 360, our team understands the importance of keeping your network and data safe. Remote Access Services (also known as RAS) allow devices to connect an IT infrastructure from a remote location. Now more than ever, more and more companies are either working from home or leaning toward remote location workspaces. So, keeping company […]

Understanding Cyber Security Solutions: The Polymorphic Cyber Defense

Blog / April 25, 2020

If you’re in IT, undoubtedly security is one of your top priorities.  You watch security briefings, you follow best practices, you educate your staff, you have anti-virus programs and other cyber security solutions, and you apply patches as soon as they are made available…  but is it enough? Unfortunately, not necessarily.  There are numerous ways cyber-criminals can […]

What You Must Do to Add Remote Access to Your Business Continuity Plan

Blog / April 7, 2020

As businesses across the country are learning in the wake of COVID-19 quarantines, your business continuity plan must include provisions for remote employee access!  As companies scramble to accommodate a workforce that is now working from home, it’s vital to ensure this is done safely and securely.  You need to be able to maintain business […]

Providing Remote Access to Employees Is Critical to Your Business Continuity Plan

Blog / March 25, 2020

When people talk about having a business continuity plan, most of the time that plan is focused on data and networks.  Often used interchangeably with “disaster recovery plan,” most continuity plans are about what to do if the business itself is hit with some sort of catastrophe such as a natural disaster, or an extended […]

Staying Safe in a Digital World Through Network Security Monitoring

Blog / March 10, 2020

Nowadays, with more and more business being conducted online and users relying on up-to-date information and services, having the proper network security monitoring solutions in place is essential. As data networks grow larger and companies expand, ensuring that all that important company and client data remains protected is key. As one of the leading cyber […]

Creating A Business Continuity Plan for Your Hearing Aid Clinic

Blog / February 27, 2020

If disaster struck your hearing aid clinic, would you be able to get back on your feet and resume service quickly?  If not, you need a business continuity plan.  Any operation, no matter how large or small, should think about how disasters could affect their day-to-day business, and how to overcome the challenge. There’s no […]

Why Hearing Aid Practitioners Must Have A Disaster Recovery and Backup Plan

Blog / February 20, 2020

If you suddenly lost access to your patient databases, do you have a plan for dealing with the problem?   Or what if your patient records were locked down by ransomware thieves?  Would you have any response? The solution to these problems is to have a disaster recovery and backup plan – but not everyone has one […]

Four Reasons Why Hearing Aid Practitioners Need Managed IT Security Services

Blog / February 6, 2020

As a hearing aid practitioner, your time is best spent caring for the needs of your patients – not your computers!  That can be tricky, though, as well-managed computer systems are a necessity to work in the healthcare industry today.  We see a lot of hearing aid centre struggling to keep themselves modernized while also […]

The Benefits for Hearing Aid Practitioners of Working with a Cyber Security Consulting Service

Blog / January 15, 2020

With cyber attacks and security issues on the rise in the hearing aid industry, ensuring all of your client data and email correspondence is safe guarded against attacks is key. That’s why many have chosen to invest in cyber security consulting services, like the ones offered by CyberTech360. With the right security solutions, there can […]