Creating A Business Continuity Plan for Your Hearing Aid Clinic

Blog / February 27, 2020

If disaster struck your hearing aid clinic, would you be able to get back on your feet and resume service quickly?  If not, you need a business continuity plan.  Any operation, no matter how large or small, should think about how disasters could affect their day-to-day business, and how to overcome the challenge.

There’s no way to predict every disaster, of course, but having a solid business continuity plan will increase the likelihood that you can bounce back.  Here are some of the most important elements.

Key Elements in A Hearing Aid Business Continuity Plan

1. Identify your weak points

What are the most likely ways a disaster could befall your business?  Some of these are universal, such as the possibility of a major data intrusion or physical break-in.  Others will be regional.  Which natural disasters are most common in your area?  Are there any local threats that concern you?

Keep these aspects in mind when planning.

2. Get a backup generator

Work with an electrician to determine the minimum amount of power you’d need to – literally – keep the lights on, if your power were to go out for an extended period.  Then get a generator to match.  It’s costly but think of it as an insurance policy.  If you even need it once, it’ll have paid for itself.

3. Have a communications plan

Be sure you have up-to-date contact information for all your key employees, as well as any third-party support services you rely on. Get as many different forms of contact as possible, and make sure the list of contact info is available from multiple sources so that it’s always available.

4. Get data backup and storage systems

Most modern businesses and medical clinics cannot run without their software and network support, so it’s vital to have backups in place which can be quickly restored.  These should be cloud-based and stored at a remote location, so they won’t be affected by a local disaster.  Partnering with data disaster recovery specialists will pay off here, as they’ll have access to the best in cloud platforms to help keep operations going.

CyberTech 360 Can Protect Your Hearing Aid Clinic

We specialize in customized data backup and disaster recovery for smaller healthcare providers, with an emphasis on rapid restoration of operations.  Don’t wait for a disaster to hit – contact us to establish your business continuity plans before you need them!