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Are Your Clients & Other Confidential Business Information Safe & Secure?

We offer a FREE Cyber Security Assessment to all businesses that are considering outsourcing their IT management to CyberTech 360. This checkup helps us to determine the proper solutions for your organizations unique pain points.

You will be provided with a health summary of your computer systems as part of this cyber security assessment. This allows you to better determine the importance of addressing negative issues. Some you may not have even known about. The summary will also allow you to determine the importance of addressing other points of interest that align with your business goals.

CyberTech 360 Security Assessment

  • Search for compromised employee credential on 100’s of cloud services
  • Assess all internet traffic to identify all risky activity
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to your computers
  • Test the recovery capability of business data
  • Test employee skills of identifying harmful email

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