Four Reasons Why Hearing Aid Practitioners Need Managed IT Security Services

Blog / February 6, 2020

As a hearing aid practitioner, your time is best spent caring for the needs of your patients – not your computers!  That can be tricky, though, as well-managed computer systems are a necessity to work in the healthcare industry today.  We see a lot of hearing aid centre struggling to keep themselves modernized while also devoting necessary resources to their actual business.

Fortunately, the solution here is simple: managed IT security services.  Managed IT keeps your network safe and up to date, allowing you and your staff to focus on what matters: your patients.

Some Ways Managed IT Security Services Make Life Easy for Hearing Aid Practitioners

  1. Protect your patient records

These days, hardly a week goes by without another report of healthcare providers getting hacked, having their records stolen, or being locked down by a cryptographic “ransomware” attack.  These attacks can target hearing aid clinics of any size, no matter how large or small.  Having true IT pros on your side is one of the best ways to protect your patient records.

  1. Keep up with ever-changing regulatory demands

Technology moves quickly – and regulations change almost as fast.  It can be difficult for even industry pros to keep up with new regulations as they are handed down, and almost impossible for independent clinics.  A managed IT service can ensure you are always fully compliant and shielded from costly legal action.

  1. Improve your patient experience

A fully modernized IT system doesn’t merely help you – it also helps your patients!  Your staff can find and work with patient records more easily, and you can also add more ways patients can interact with you via your website.  The result is a smoother experience for patients, and that pays off with loyal clients and better reviews.

  1. Control your IT costs

When a clinic self-manages its IT, the costs can fluctuate drastically from month to month.  This makes budgeting difficult, and that’s a problem – particularly for clinics with tight operating margins.  Partnering with a managed IT security services company means your IT costs are under much tighter control, usually with a set monthly or yearly rate, allowing for easier budgeting.

CyberTech 360 Keeps You Safe!

Since 1998, we’ve provided top-quality IT security and consulting services to hearing aid practitioners across Alberta.  We’ll work with you to create a custom IT solution that keeps you and your patients safe while improving your service offerings.

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