The Benefits for Hearing Aid Practitioners of Working with a Cyber Security Consulting Service

Blog / January 15, 2020

With cyber attacks and security issues on the rise in the hearing aid industry, ensuring all of your client data and email correspondence is safe guarded against attacks is key. That’s why many have chosen to invest in cyber security consulting services, like the ones offered by CyberTech360. With the right security solutions, there can also be additional benefits, such as patient care delivery, efficiency, and records management.

Here we’ve collected some of the ways hearing aid practitioners can benefit from improving cyber security measures.

Cyber Security Compliance Services 

When you work with a cyber security consultant experienced in the hearing aid industry, they’ll provide a range of benefits. Firstly, they’ll be able to perform a cyber risk assessment to determine where you need improvements. They’ll provide you with a roadmap to ensure all of your information is protected and identify your key security initiatives for improvement.

Additionally, cyber security experts can help hearing aid practitioners implement a plan with clear goals that reduce risk and utilizes the most current technology, as well as defend a wide array of threats. They’ll also help your team implement any necessary changes and provide a range of ongoing security services, such as network and system controls and improvements, risk management solutions, and awareness training.

Hearing Aid Device Security

Hiring a cyber security consultant can also help ensure that all of your hearing aid diagnostic equipment is properly well-secured. Some ways they do so are by performing a network vulnerability assessment of your equipment data storage and communication protocols and taking their lifespan into account, then communicating any potential security risks to you and your management team.

Cyber security professionals will also implement solutions to help reduce any risks, improve PIPA compliance requirements and performing network segmentation services, in addition to designing key controls to ensure accuracy.

Let CyberTech360 help your hearing aid team keep clients safe!

If you’re a hearing aid practitioner in need of comprehensive cyber security solutions, the team from CyberTech360 would love to hear from you. In addition to our consulting services, we also provide online ID checks, business security solutions, training, and extensive support.

To learn more about the services we offer to those in the hearing aid industry, contact us online today or call (403) 789-8933.