Identity Theft Protection Services

CyberTech 360 Online ID check – When Identity Theft Protection matters the most!

Are you looking for a solution that increases the capabilities of your identity theft protection services while improving performance and customer experience? Every organization deals with a lot of business, customer and employee related data that is confidential, sensitive and volatile in nature. The cyber guardians at CyberTech 360 understand the worth of keeping your data safe and offer a comprehensive range of automated and easy to use online ID check services that are irreplaceable.

User Authentication

Reliable sales are very important for every business. Our comprehensive Online ID check solutions ensure authenticity of users and identity theft protection. The unrivaled verification accuracy of our services prevents any fraudulent activity without hampering customer experience.

Prevent and Reduce Fraud

Our systems are well integrated and updated to detect and deter any fraudulent activity. Web, mobile or any digital device, our services ensure round the clock vigilance and the highest level of security. This is possible because we focus on putting an end to the problem, well in advance.

Compliance Mandates

To offer our customers the best identity theft protection we never miss on adhering to regulations and compliance mandates.


Are Your Users Putting A Big Target On Your Organization’s Back?

The bad guys are constantly finding ways to hack into your network and steal confidential information from your organization. 81% of hacking-related breaches use either stolen or weak passwords. A new survey from Dark Reading shows 44% of an organizations data security threats come from users.

Safeguard Your Business, Protect Your Assets

How Identity Theft Protections Keeps Your Information Safe From Online Frauds

ID Verification

Our solutions determine authenticity of an ID by.

  • Error – free Image Capture
  • Easy user interface
  • Efficient fake ID detection

Identity Verification

It’s important to know if the person behind a transaction is authentic. We determine that by.

  • Liveness detection
  • ID photo to selfie comparison
  • Validity check

How Our On-Line ID Check Works

Identify which users may be putting your organization at risk before the bad guys do!

* Checks to see if any of your organization’s email addresses have been part of a data breach.
* Searches over 500 cyber chat rooms, 600 Twitter feeds and 600,000 pirate websites.
* Reports on the accounts affected and does not show/report on the actual passwords.

The scan is done from our servers, no confidential data leaves the network, and actual passwords are never disclosed with CyberTech 360’s Identity Theft Protection Services.


Online ID Check! We Cleanup What The Internet Left Behind!