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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Save on business costs & reduce your security risks with Cyber Security Awareness Training

Are you aware that the digital era frequently exposes your employees to cyber security threats like sophisticated phishing, watering hole, ransom ware attacks and more? Cyber security awareness training can help with that.

Today, engineering attacks are often attempted to break into corporate networks. Cyber criminals are experts at using several malicious techniques; they pose severe threat to IT. However, it is important to understand that employees can be used as the most susceptible surface for such attacks.

Cyber security 360 offers comprehensive and cost effective Security Awareness Training programs to educate the end user. Developed with precision and expertise, our training programs are simple, easy to use and effective.

What sets us apart?

Focused on delivering training across industry verticals and businesses of all sizes, CyberTech 360 training suites proficiently work towards securing the IT landscape.

As every organization is unique, we consider various factors when it’s the question of security. The possible list of topics included but not limited to are.

  • Phishing
  • Physical Security
  • Desktop Security
  • Wireless Networks
  • Password Security
  • Malware

Types of Training

We understand that every organization has a style of training and empowering its employees. Based on this we provide

Classroom Training

Our instructors offer customized sessions based on the requirement pattern. Agile with the time schedule, the training is developed to provide extensive knowledge and complete awareness about cyber security at the work place.

Known as an old school method, it is a reliable way to check if participants are engaged throughout the session. It also allows instructors to ask questions in real time.

Online training

This module performs well as it is less disruptive and can be taken up by employees from anywhere and any device.

Readily available at the click of a button, the online cyber security training suites shares information on core concepts. Course material can be referred to as and when necessary. A set of step by step and knowledge driven modules are designed to deliver in-depth guidelines.